Six Music Videos DVD
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**Note: An Audio Problem on "The Body and Blood" is the reason for the discount - the other 5 Videos are perfect. The volume was slightly over boosted during recording, so that if you play it too loudly you will hear a crackle at a few spots, but played at normal volume there is no crackle. The Body and Blood Video below is copied straight from the DVD to see and hear for yourself

 1.  Another Soldier's Coming Home
 2.  God Will Make A Way
 3.  God Is Up To Something
 4.  Shelter
 5.  The Body and Blood  ***Audio Problem - actual video from DVD below***
 6.  His Truth Keeps Marching On

   $4.99    (scratch & dent)

      Another Soldier's Coming Home


      God Will Make A Way


      Our God Is Up To Something




      The Body and Blood

     This is the full, actual video from the DVD. Starting about 2 minutes you can hear a slight crackle sound in the background. It is not bad, but      since the audio is not perfect we are offering a very nice discount.


      His Truth Keeps Marching On


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