November 2013

Hey Everybody,

It’s almost time for my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving! I’ve been pooling recipes and creating menus. I’m browsing for table decor, centerpieces, fun ideas for out of towners. Planning to put the tree together (well, John does that), pull out some decorations, and fill the fireplaces with real wood and kindling (um, John does that, too). No gifts to buy (although I enjoy that) and no traffic jams. And, of course, there’s Black Friday to look forward to.

In short, what a great time of the year.

The WebMASTER has created a Thanksgiving special (you knew that was coming). This month, you can get 4 Vocal Performance CD Tracks for $16.99. That’s a $39.96 value. Here is a link:

One more thing…. In keeping with a thankful attitude, I had a wonderful experience that I just can’t keep to myself. So, here goes…

I purchased a dress in a local shop that I really loved. It was made by ‘Nic and Dom’. I wanted another one like it in a different color so I began searching. After exhausting all of my resources, I found the company website . While they did not offer dresses for sale, I found an email address for Nikki (of Nic and Dom). I emailed her asking if there was any way to buy that style of dress, were there any in a warehouse somewhere, etc.?

She emailed me back right away and offered to make me one for free. Yes, MAKE me one. She checked their fabric inventory and emailed me some options. She refused to let me pay her. The dress arrived this week.

Here is their website ( and Facebook page ( Here is Nikki’s email address: – I’d love for her to hear from some of you!

We love you….always!


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