March 2012

Hey Everybody,

It’s March and, true to its reputation, the month is roaring in like a lion. Our hearts have been touched by the devastation wrought in Indiana, Alabama, Tennessee, and parts of North Carolina, and it has been amazing how people all over the country have offered to help those who have and who are still suffering. Hopefully, March will hold true to the rest of the longstanding prediction and march out ‘like a lamb.’

Along those lines, we have had a moving story in our little community, as well. A 38-year-old man stopped to help a young boy who was pushing his brother’s van off an interstate exit ramp, only to be hit from behind by a drunk driver. The 17-year-old boy was killed and the 38-year-old man lost a leg and suffered severe brain damage. He is totally incapacitated. His mother cried as our local network affiliate interviewed her, saying she had been forced to quit her job to stay home and take care of him. She knew that God would take care of them, she just didn’t know how. (The courts awarded them a $1,400 judgment from the defendant.) She had asked God to exchange her healthy life for her son’s. This is where the ‘rest of the story’ begins. The good, ah, GREAT, people and churches of our area purchased for them a handicap-equipped van, motorized wheelchair, and paid their delinquent bills. In this tough economy, God’s people distributed fishes and loaves and everyone was fed and the baskets stayed full. I won’t be surprised if an olive tree sprouts in that trailer park!

Even though our world seems upside down in many ways, God’s people are still throwing banquets for the poor (Luke 14:13). They are still providing a refuge for the poor and needy, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat (Isaiah 25:4). The Body of Christ is still His hands and feet in our neighborhoods and work places. Amazing, isn’t it?

Be blessed today. Know that, nationwide, prayers are going up for those of you who are suffering, be it tornadoes of the atmosphere or those of the heart. The Body of Christ is alive and well, even thriving in the land, and we’ve got your back!

We love you all!


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