Happy Spring

Hey Everybody,

Just a quick note to say that Spring has arrived in the Carolinas, and no one is happier than Maggie the Matriarch or Moe the Survivor. They are thriving from the spring rains and sunny days. Maggie is certain to secure her position as ‘Belle of the Ball’ in a few weeks.

We’ve just returned from a statewide women’s conference in South Carolina, home of Palmettos, Peaches, Blue Bloods, and Old Money. These SC ladies did not disappoint. They were warm, lovely, and very responsive as the group of 900 became one Body and we all left feeling that we had been a part of something very special. I love it when God does that.

John and I enjoy this time of year because we both love working outdoors. We pull out the root starter, the fertilizer, the shovel and the garden hose. He digs, and I supervise. He hauls and I make recommendations. He cultivates and I offer suggestions as to how he could work more efficiently. After working to the point of exhaustion, we shower and go out for a long, leisurely dinner. My favorite moment is when we turn into the driveway and the headlights capture all the fruits of our labor. Makes it worthwhile; a really sweet payoff.

Today my sister shared with her Sunday School class that her daffodils were not blooming. She read a gardening expert who said that it helps to occasionally dig the bulbs and replant. He wrote that daffodils grow better if they are periodically disturbed. You know where she took that analogy. When our lives are being ‘disturbed’, we are a short season from a whole new level of blooming. I love it!

We love you all. Have a great April!


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