Merry Christmas!!!

Good morning, all…

It is just before 6am on Tuesday, December 6. John just left for work and I am prepping for finals.

Working on my degree has caused me to suspend other, less squeaky tasks. This is rationalized by the perennial promise that ‘I will get to them.’ The few Christmas gifts I have purchased are on the dining room table, unwrapped – but I will get to them. I have begged off of some Christmas concerts, knowing that I need the extra study days to turn this master’s degree into a wall hanging – but ‘I will do them later’. To Christmas events I have taken food purchased, not made at home – but ‘I will make up for it’, I repeat, ad nauseum. Sunday visits with my parents have sometimes been with lecture materials in hand – but I will make up for that, too.

Do you see a pattern here?

In the midst of all the stress, I had an epiphany moment…. Three days ago I was studying in my office downstairs. John was on the roof cutting some overhanging tree branches. With my ear half-tuned for any sound from above, I heard a thud. Alarmed, I ran upstairs and onto the porch, calling for him. He made fun of my panic (which was good medicine) and we laughed even while I issued my tired old warning of the danger of ladders.

When I walked back inside, the lesson of the event was glaring, namely, “I am so blessed.” I stood in the kitchen realizing that a man who is smart, handsome, godly, engaging, and trustworthy loves me. Why sweat the small stuff? Then I thought of my parents – some of the richest people I know. Not materially, but rich in spirit and experience and kindness and common sense. They are healthy and well. Why sweat the small stuff? My only sister and I are as close as sisters can be; I attend a great church that her husband pastors and it is filled with wonderfully warm, salt-of-the-earth people. Why sweat the small stuff?

There is more – much more – but this is a lesson that you all probably know already: Spend your holidays doing things that matter with those who matter.

We love you all and hope to see you soon.

Merry Christmas!


We got to sing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to Elizabeth in Virginia. What a beautiful lady!

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