Alabama On Our Minds

I have just returned from Tuscaloosa where we partnered with Comfort Care of Alabama for a Tornado Relief concert. On Thursday night we raised $5,000 and on Friday night in Brewton, the concert attendees added a truckload of basic essentials for the people of that state. God bless America…

I was granted a behind-the-scenes tour of the hardest hit areas. Amid the indescribable pictures, it was encouraging to see the people and corporations who have joined hands, hearts, and logistics to reach out to the people of that area. Tide laundry (P&G, I suppose) set up a free washer and dryer facility along the main stretch of highway; next door was a makeshift Duracell battery charging station; at posts all throughout the worst areas the National Guard offered free water and tarps. Many national companies sent supplies, stations, and volunteers to work hands-on as the area begins a long recovery. I spent the day alternating between deep sadness and sheer pride at the response of a nation under God that does not wait to be asked, but who moves without hesitation to help someone whose need is more imminent.

I know that the people of Alabama and the other areas affected sincerely covet your prayers. I also suspect that many of you have already been praying for them. That, too, makes me proud.

We love you. We appreciate you, too.


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