Three Requirements of Summer

Hey Everybody,

It’s June, and I find myself asking with some frequency, ‘What year is it?’ My parents always said that time accelerates as we get older. So, so true.

I enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of long walks. For years, I shunned headphones, choosing instead to listen to the sounds of life in real time. This year, however, I’ve been listening to the book of Revelation, as read by Max MacLean. What a difference it makes! It encourages me that God is still working within His long term plan. He still turns the hearts of kings, and He is still the final authority for all time. It reminds me that His plans are so much bigger than our little myopic view that we cannot even fathom how the course of His future will unfold. Read it. Read it again. Then again. It is uplifting and surprisingly comforting. Our lives are in creative, caring, authoritative hands.

We continue to meet wonderful people in the concerts. This year, we’ve spent time with ladies and gentlemen from California to the Carolina coast, and I am still amazed at the disseminate richness of the body of Christ.

I’ve completed my undergrad degree and tiptoed into the Masters program. Scheduled to finish next May. Some days I still shake my head and ask, “I’m doing what?”

Enjoy this time of the year. Summer should require of us three actions of intent:
*Stop and smell the fresh cut grass;
*Spend extra time examining the colors of the
*Stand in a summer rain at least once.
I wonder if we could get a bill sponsored?

We love you all and hope to see you soon.


PS… Oops! This picture is a rehearsal from Johannesburg, South Africa – not Paraguay, as I stated last month. I received an email from one of our drivers in Johannesburg correcting me. Sorry!


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