Falling for Fall

Hey Everybody,

It is October and it is fall – my favorite time of the year. John has planted bulbs and propped hay and pumpkins on the front porch. Soon it will be cool enough to light a fire. Nothing says that fall has arrived quite like the crackle and smell of the first fire of the season. The leaves are turning rich, dramatic colors and the countryside is breathtaking. Mark Lowry says God is showing off.

Mark called a few days ago and, as always, he asked what I was reading. I have been reading only the Bible for about three months. I enjoy that because it is not someone’s ‘take’ on history, but a trustworthy account. And no literature in the world has any more interesting stories than those in the Old Testament, with its characters and geneologies. I’m in Kings at the moment, and Israel is frustratingly human!!

This is a busy month, and I am loving it. I have been able to match faces with some folks who have written and emailed; that is always a treat. My sister, I and our two cousins have birthdays this month, so we will spend a day celebrating: shopping, dining, and, most importantly, visiting. Life doesn’t get a lot better than that.

I hope your days are full and warm. I hope your plans exceed your expectations and your ordinary days prove extraordinary.

We love you, and we hope to see some of you this month.


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